Kabale Diocese Receives 230 Million Shillings in Charitable Donation

Tycoon's Gift of 230 Million Shillings Boosts Kabale Diocese
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Business tycoon and Vietnamese Consular General to Uganda, King Ceasor Mulenga T.G., made a substantial donation of 230 million Shillings to Kabale Diocese during the Bishop Annual Appeal Fund (BAAF) fundraising event held on Saturday.

The Bishop Annual Appeal Fund, initially launched by the Bishop of Kabale Diocese, Rt. Rev. Fr. Callistus Rubaramira, in 2015, has been conducting annual fundraising events to accumulate funds for various diocesan projects.

The fundraising event took place at St. Peters Church, Gisoro Catholic Parish, in Kisoro municipality, with the primary aim of raising funds for the establishment of St. Ignatius University, a privately owned institution under Kabale Diocese’s auspices. The event aimed to raise 450 million Shillings for the Mutolere Denary, yet only 220 million Shillings were collected. Mulenga pledged to contribute the remaining 230 million Shillings.

During the event, Mulenga, serving as the chief guest, expressed his gratitude to President Museveni for introducing Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education, which have expanded educational opportunities. However, he urged the government to extend this support to universities, offering free education.

Mulenga commended the contributions of the church, particularly Kabale Diocese, in various areas, primarily in education. He viewed the establishment of St. Ignatius University as a positive development that could provide educational opportunities for those unable to secure admission to public universities. He also encouraged the government to expedite the operationalization of the John Kale Institute of Science and Technology, as promised by President Museveni in memory of John Kale.

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“St. Ignatius will collaborate with the government in education, allowing those who may not gain access to public universities to attain education in private institutions,” Mulenga remarked.

Mulenga criticized some individuals, particularly leaders in Kisoro, for fomenting division along religious and tribal lines, emphasizing the need for unity among members of parliament and leaders. He highlighted the spiritual purpose of religion and called for its promotion as a means to connect with God and foster neighborly love.

“All the riches we have are not ours, but they are God’s. Let us utilize them for His work. Since you have managed to collect 220 million Shillings, I will contribute the remaining amount to ensure God’s work is accomplished. I encourage you, Christians, not to be disheartened, as a substantial amount is needed,” Mulenga encouraged, revealing that the university requires approximately 21 billion Shillings for full funding.

Bishop Callistus Rubaramira of Kabale Diocese, the chief celebrant at the event, expressed his deep appreciation for Mulenga’s generous gesture and encouraged more individuals like him to support Uganda. He also expressed gratitude to General Edward Kale Kayihura for providing assistance in 2012 when he fell ill in Kisoro. Kayihura had arranged a plane to transport him to Kampala as he was returning from Ruhengeri Diocese in Rwanda following the consecration of Bishop Vincent Harolimana.

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