Two Lives Lost as Speeding Truck Crashes into Bugiri Mosque

Fatal Collision Speeding Truck Strikes Bugiri Mosque Claiming Two Lives
PHOTO - URN - Fatal Collision Speeding Truck Strikes Bugiri Mosque Claiming Two Lives
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On August 28, 2023, a speeding truck caused a tragic incident in Bugiri district. The incident took place in Busowa town council along the Jinja-Iganga-Busia highway. The truck struck and killed two individuals before crashing into a mosque.

The identities of the deceased have not been disclosed yet. However, one of the victims was a pregnant woman. The bodies of the deceased were transported to the mortuary at Bugiri general hospital, where they await postmortem examination.

The truck, identified by its registration number KDE 144Q, was reportedly being driven by an individual who fled the scene. The driver’s departure was prompted by concerns about potential retaliation from the local residents who were understandably upset. According to eyewitnesses, the truck, which had originated from Iganga district, struck the two victims and then plowed into the mosque, causing damage to a section of the building.

The mosque’s Imam, Mohammed Naminya, reported that a group of students who were engaged in Quran teachings managed to escape the collision without harm. However, the incident resulted in the destruction of all the learning materials that were housed within the mosque.

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