Committee Urges Government to Eliminate Retirement Age for University Lecturers and Chancellors

National Initiative Aims to Solve Uganda's PhD Shortage
According to recent research published in the Makerere Journal of Higher Education, Uganda has awarded only approximately 1,197 PhDs between 1970 and 2020. Among these, 1,025 were awarded by public universities, with Makerere University being responsible for 923 (90.2 percent) of them, while private universities awarded only about 172 PhDs.
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The Parliamentary Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation has recommended to the government that it should abolish the current retirement age of 60 for university lecturers and chancellors.

Committee Chairperson Remegio Achia has put forward the argument that retiring university lecturers and chancellors at the age of 60 may not be necessary, as this age can be a peak period of their career usefulness. This suggestion was made during a meeting with various university administrators in Fort Portal.

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