Makerere University Mourns Loss of Key Data Entry Officer

Makerere University Grieves the Loss of Trusted Data Entry Official
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Makerere University is saddened by the loss of one of its dedicated staff members, Peter Kayonde, who tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident. Kayonde played a crucial role in the university’s academic operations, responsible for the data entry of results from all colleges and the printing of graduation booklets.

His commitment to the university extended beyond his responsibilities as he was known for his integrity in maintaining the accuracy of academic records. His meticulous efforts helped prevent cases of mark alteration within the institution.

Mr. Bennet Magara, the Chairperson of Makerere University Administrative Staff Association (MASA), praised Kayonde as the most trustworthy member of the Academic Registrar’s department. He recounted Kayonde’s tireless dedication, especially during the preparation of graduation booklets, where he meticulously ensured the correctness of every detail, from missing marks to tuition balances.

While Kayonde’s passing leaves a void, the Academic Registrar, Prof Buyinza Mukadasi, assured that the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department is equipped with five capable professionals who will continue his legacy.

Prof Mukadasi emphasized Kayonde’s high level of integrity, which earned him the responsibility of safeguarding sensitive university records. However, he clarified that Kayonde was not working alone, and the ICT department had a team of equally competent staff members.

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Peter Kayonde, who lost his life in a recent accident, had been a dedicated member of the university since 1990. Before his tenure, the institution faced challenges related to mark alteration, which had occurred within the Academic Registrar’s office. The university took significant steps to rectify this issue, including withholding transcripts for thousands of students in 2021 while cleaning up its results management system.

Former Vice Chancellor, Prof John Ssentamu Ddumba, initiated investigations and removed those involved in the 67th graduation booklet scandal. Several staff members from the Academic Registrar’s department were suspended and dismissed due to their suspected involvement in altering students’ marks without proper authorization. Additionally, the university revoked 66 degrees that had been erroneously awarded since the 2011 graduation ceremony.

University Chancellor, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, previously stated that the introduction of the new results management system, known as the Academic Management and Information System, effectively eliminated issues related to mark alteration.

Looking ahead, Prof Mukadasi confirmed that the 73rd graduation ceremony is scheduled to take place from January 8 to 12 next year, with over 13,000 students expected to graduate. All college management boards have reviewed and approved their results, pending Senate approval, to proceed with the printing of transcripts and graduation booklets.

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