Overcrowded Kibuku School Faces Classroom Shortage

Kibuku secondary school parents plead for gov't help
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Kibuku Senior Secondary School, located in Kibuku District, is grappling with a severe shortage of classrooms, leaving its more than 900 students to study under trees. This government-aided school is facing a critical issue as most of its existing structures are in a state of disrepair, endangering the safety of both students and teachers.

The head teacher, Mr. Fred Ssamanya, expressed deep concern over the inadequate classroom facilities, revealing that the school currently has only six classrooms available. Among these, one classroom is designated as a staff room, while another is being used as a computer laboratory. This dire situation often disrupts lessons when rainy weather prevails, creating a significant challenge for the school.

Additionally, Kibuku Senior Secondary School is lacking proper sanitary facilities, particularly pit latrines. The school, established in 1982, is situated approximately 3 kilometers from Kibuku District headquarters within Kibuku Town Council. Despite repeated appeals to the district and the Ministry of Education to address these issues, the school has received no response.

Mr. Ssamanya further disclosed that since the school’s inception, the government has only provided a two-classroom block under a World Bank-funded project. The majority of school structures, including the administration block, are in a deplorable condition.

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In terms of funding, the school is supposed to receive UGX 55 million, but it currently receives UGX 41 million, which does not adequately meet the needs of the increased number of students. This discrepancy is due to the Ministry’s continued use of outdated figures.

A board member, Mr. Abubakar Nanghejje, highlighted that students have been forced to use nearby bushes for sanitation purposes due to the lack of proper facilities. The poor state of the buildings becomes even more problematic during the rainy season, bringing school activities to a halt.

Mr. Faustino Waluya, the chairperson of the board of governors, stated that most of the school’s structures have been condemned for demolition. This situation has a detrimental impact on students’ academic performance as they spend a significant amount of time seeking suitable places for basic needs.

The district education officer, Mr. Christopher Wamika, acknowledged the challenges faced by Kibuku Senior Secondary School and confirmed that the district is actively collaborating with the Ministry of Education to address them. The Ministry had initially planned to allocate UGX 600 million for rehabilitation, but due to budget cuts, these funds were not realized, further exacerbating the school’s difficulties.

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