Victoria University’s Troubling Role in Cindy vs. Sheebah Battle

Victoria University's Troubling Role in Cindy vs. Sheebah Battle
PHOTO - NP - Victoria University's Troubling Role in Cindy vs. Sheebah Battle
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Lawrence Muganga, the supposed embodiment of professionalism as the vice chancellor of Victoria University, recently made an astonishing revelation about his connection to Sheebah Karungi, the singer, and his involvement in her showdown with Cindy Sanyu at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

Muganga, who proclaimed Sheebah as his cousin, attempted to defend his actions during the musical clash that took place on September 15, 2023. This battle, sponsored by Victoria University, showcased the darkest depths of nepotism in the name of professionalism.

Cindy, the brave artist who dared to speak out against this web of connections, exposed the underhanded tactics used to undermine her performance. She revealed that her sound was sabotaged on stage, and even during her sound checks the day before the concert, she was left high and dry without the necessary equipment. To add insult to injury, she was asked to procure her own sound equipment, a request she rightfully refused. Meanwhile, Sheebah, the university’s golden girl, enjoyed the luxury of perfect sound quality and had her sound checks done on September 13, 2023.

In a laughable attempt to justify their actions, Muganga went on Bukedde TV to confess that they had demanded the artists arrange for their own sound systems. Convenient, isn’t it? He casually mentioned his familial bond with Sheebah but was quick to assert his “professionalism.” Yet, the truth is as clear as day: the university wanted its favorite child to shine at any cost.

Sheebah’s Vulgar Display Highlights Victoria University’s Ambassadorial Failures

Victoria University’s decision to appoint Sheebah as its ambassador has once again left the public bewildered and disappointed. The university, in its initial announcement, touted Sheebah as an “excellent role model” for students. However, recent events have exposed the questionable judgment behind this appointment.

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A brand ambassador is supposed to embody the values and ethics of the institution they represent, which is especially crucial for a university like Victoria, dedicated to molding young minds. Yet, Sheebah’s conduct at a recent press conference was far from appropriate.

Sheebah, seated in front of numerous cameras and onlookers, brazenly displayed a bag with offensive language. It was a deliberate attempt to shock and provoke, a behavior unbefitting of someone entrusted to guide and inspire young students.

When questioned about the impact of her actions on impressionable youths, Sheebah remained unapologetic, suggesting that others were equally guilty of moral shortcomings. Such a response hardly befits the role of a university ambassador.

The university’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga, had previously extolled Sheebah’s “exceptional qualities” and deemed her “the perfect spokesperson” for the institution. However, the incident raises doubts about whether the university shares the same values and ethics it claims to impart to its students.

From a public relations perspective, the press conference was a debacle for Victoria University. Endorsing such behavior on its campus is utterly incomprehensible and detrimental to its reputation.

Moreover, the contrast between Sheebah and fellow singer Cindy’s attire at the event only further highlights Sheebah’s unsuitability for the role. While Sheebah may be an entertainer known for her unconventional style, her responsibilities as an ambassador demand a more balanced image.

The university’s statement endorsing the upcoming music battle concert between Sheebah and Cindy acknowledged the singers’ influence on their audiences. However, Sheebah’s recent actions have demonstrated the potential negative consequences of such influence.

This unfortunate incident adds to a growing list of questionable choices by Victoria University regarding its ambassadors. Just two years ago, the university faced criticism for appointing socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa (Bad Black) as its brand ambassador. The public questioned her character and values, particularly her criminal record and abusive language.

Initially, the university distanced itself from Bad Black but later reversed its stance, citing the need for transformation and rehabilitation. This inconsistent approach to ambassador selection calls into question the university’s commitment to positive impact over publicity trends.


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