West Nile Journalists and Communication Officers Trained in Child Protection

West Nile Journalists and Communication Officers Trained in Child Protection
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Journalists and communication officers from the West Nile region are participating in a two-day training program focused on the Child Sensitive Social Protection Programme (CSSP). Organized by the UN World Food Program (WFP), this training aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools for effectively implementing and communicating social protection initiatives in their respective districts.

The training is being conducted at the Churchill Hotel in Gulu city and is part of WFP’s Child Sensitive Social Protection Programme (CSSP).

Cyridion Usengumuremyi, the head of the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) Arua area office, explained that the CSSP is integrated with established national social protection programs in the refugee-hosting districts of West Nile. Apart from cash-based transfers, the program also focuses on enhancing the capacity of district local governments (DLGs) and journalists to deliver national social protection programs efficiently to refugees and host communities through programs like NUSAF, SAGE, and DRDIP, with the goal of improving access to food and nutrition.

Usengumuremyi highlighted that effective communication plays a crucial role in development initiatives, helping disseminate information and create awareness while driving positive behavioral changes within communities. District communications officers and media houses are viewed as key stakeholders in this process, serving as a vital link between government agencies, local communities, and development partners. Empowering them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools is essential for the effective planning, implementation, and communication of social protection interventions and programs.

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The UNWFP, in collaboration with Unicef and district local governments, has been implementing various social protection programs in West Nile. These initiatives include NutriCash through the Development Response to Displacement Impact Project (DRDIP), Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE), and the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF).

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