Landslide Hits Namisindwa, Nine Injured, Houses Buried

Nine Injured and Houses Buried in Namisindwa Landslide
PHOTO - URN - Nine Injured and Houses Buried in Namisindwa Landslide
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On Tuesday evening, a landslide struck five parishes in Bungati Sub County, Namisindwa District. It happened after a whole day of heavy rain. The affected parishes are Buwambete, Busela, Bukulungi, Bushibuta, and Bukhasame.

Nine people are in critical condition, and 83 houses have been buried. The injured people are Tomas Nasimolo, Robert Laso, Moses Wakhata, Joseph Kutosi, Stephen Matembela, Alex Matembela, Mutenyo Kibeti, and Rogers Tingu.

The landslide didn’t just bury houses. It also destroyed animals and crops like maize, beans, and coffee.

The injured people are now getting medical care at Butuwa Health Center III in Kato Sub County, Manafwa District.

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Emma Bwayo, a youth councilor from Namisindwa District, said there are cracks in Bumbo and Bukokho sub-counties. He’s frustrated with the government for telling people to evacuate instead of finding a permanent solution for districts like Namisindwa that often face disasters.

As of now, neither the Uganda Red Cross Society nor district leaders have reached the scene.

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