Hailstorm Devastates Over 200 Households in Tororo, No Fatalities Reported

Hailstorm Devastates Over 200 Households in Tororo, No Fatalities Reported
PHOTO - Wikimedia - Tororo
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  • Tororo Hit by Hailstorm Causing Havoc for Over 200 Households
  • Severe Hailstorm Wreaks Havoc in Tororo, No Loss of Life Reported
  • Hailstorm Leaves Over 200 Tororo Households in Ruins, Community Seeks Aid

On October 5, 2023, a hailstorm brought destruction to Mogodes Town Council in Tororo District, affecting more than 200 households. The hardest-hit areas included Orago ‘A’ and ‘B’, Kiporo, Ginnry, Kipirio, Agogomiti, Kamarinyang North and South in Ginnery and Tuba wards. The hailstorm lasted for about two hours, according to Yafesi Okiror, the LC1 chairperson of Orago ‘B’ cell.

This natural disaster caused extensive damage to crops like beans, banana plantations, maize, soya beans, and potatoes, among others. The devastation has raised concerns about potential food shortages and impacts on livelihoods, as most of the crops were nearing harvest.

72-year-old Berita Auyat, whose house roof was blown off, faces a challenging situation. She appealed for support from the government and well-wishers to help her rebuild her life.

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Timothy Emelait, the Gombolola Security Officer for Mogodes Town Council, mentioned that many affected families have become homeless and are seeking shelter in churches. However, Aurthur Nyapidi, the vice chairperson of Mogodes Town Council, is coordinating with village leaders to assess the extent of the destruction for submission to district authorities. They hope that this information will be considered for food relief assistance.

Fortunately, as of Friday morning, no fatalities had been reported, and the community is grateful for this fact. Nyapidi emphasized the need for support in the form of materials such as iron sheets, food, and planting materials to help the affected residents restore their hope.

Earlier in 2023, authorities had issued warnings about the likelihood of severe rains affecting some parts of Uganda.

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