FDC District Chairperson Elections in Kasese: Sayid Kisuki Urges Voters to Make Wise Choices

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Kasese FDC office
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As the Kasese District Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party’s internal structures come to an end today, Mr. Sayid Muhindo Kisuki, a contestant for the FDC district chairperson position, has urged voters to make wise choices and has asked for their votes.

During a press conference in Kasese town, Mr. Sayid Kisuki stated that he aims to continue from where Saul Mate left off, expressing gratitude for Mate’s significant contributions to the FDC party.

Mr. Kisuki further mentioned that if elected as the District chair, he plans to work on various initiatives, including the establishment of FDC party constituency offices and fostering unity among all members, treating them as one family, among other goals.

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Other candidates vying for the same position are Ronald Kabuuku and Gadi Bakwanamaha Mbayahi, a retired primary school head teacher, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR), and former Kasese District FDC party Electoral Commission chairperson.

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Meanwhile, the newly elected chairperson of Forum for Democratic Change in Nyamwamba division, Kasese municipality, Fanahasi Wakibanahe, has urged supporters to strengthen party foundations by promoting unity.

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In an interview with The Ankole Times reporter shortly after the FDC structural elections held at Kasese central division, Kasese town, Fanahasi emphasized the crucial role of each supporter in mobilizing more members to join the party.

Godfrey Ndumbuku Masereka, the newly elected chairperson of FDC Bulembia division, Kasese municipality, expressed appreciation to supporters for their trust in him through their votes. He added that the party will benefit from his contributions.

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