FDC in crisis as two factions announce conflicting delegates conferences

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Besigye addressing the press conference at Katonga Road on July 19 (Photo: BY Chimp Reports)
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The police have refused to provide security for a delegates conference organized by the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) national chairman, Amb. Wasswa Birigwa.

The police said they had been informed by the FDC Secretary General that they are not aware of Birigwa’s delegates conference, which they said is illegal.

The police also said that the conference would likely cause confusion and chaos among the population.

Birigwa had written to the IGP informing him of the planned delegates conference.

The crisis within the FDC deepened when members announced two conflicting delegates conferences.

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The FDC national chairman, Wasswa Birigwa, announced an extraordinary national delegates conference set for September 19, while the FDC electoral commission chairperson, Boniface Toterebuka, announced the party’s delegates conference set for October 6.

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The chaos within the FDC started when a section of FDC members led by Ssemujju accused the party leaders led by the President Patrick Amuriat and Secretary General Nandala Mafabi of having received money from President Museveni to fund the previous 2021 general elections.

These claims were later substantiated by opposition strongman and four-time presidential candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye, who said the cash from Museveni facilitated the just concluded 2021 polls.

Besigye said the money was part of a conspiracy to betray and hand FDC over to President Museveni to ensure he fulfilled a declaration he made in 2016 that there would be no political opposition by 2021.

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However, FDC president Patrick Amuriat and Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi have since blasted Besigye and his “Katonga group” of trying to hijack the party.

They have also asked Besigye and his group to provide proof of the said dirty money.

The fallout has also seen each of the factions ask the party members not to participate in the elections organised by the other group.

In short, the FDC is in a state of chaos, with two factions vying for control of the party. The police have refused to provide security for either faction’s delegates conference, and it remains to be seen how the party will resolve this crisis.


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