Former UPC Aspirant Achola Susan Donates Seven Tents to Apac Residents

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UPC's Achola Susan Engola donated and delivered seven sitting tents to Apac Bomah Ground
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At least seven tents were received as a donation and given back to voters by former UPC aspirant Achola Susan Engola.

Susan Achola Engola, a hopeful Woman MP candidate for Apac district under the UPC party ticket, confirmed to the media on Tuesday that she is once again entering the race as a UPC party candidate in the year 2026.

“I purchased seven tents at three million shillings each, totalling over 21 million shillings, including transportation. Come what may, I am fully prepared to help my people, and I want to emphasize that there will be no segregation based on party affiliation, religion, or clan when using these tents,” said Achola.

“I am delighted that I was able to secure 24,762,000 votes, with the highest vote count in Akokoro and Teeboke sub-counties, which were my strongholds,” Achola added.

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According to her, she would like to thank the people of Apac district for their massive support in the last parliamentary elections, even though she did not succeed.

“I respected the opinion of my voters not to go to court after the 2021 election, but I am ready to face any aspirants from any party, including the UPC party primaries,” said Achola.

“Any candidate from any party, come what may, should get ready to compete against me in the next Woman MP race in Apac district in 2026,” she added.

The current MP of Apac district is Betty Engola (NRM), who won the general election in 2021.

Last week, UPC party president Honorable Jimmy Michel Akena commissioned the seven tents at Apac Bomah ground in Apac Municipality.

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