Inadequate Transport Hampers Oyam District’s Production Department

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The production department of Oyam District Local Government is currently grappling with challenges related to inadequate transport means for field officers deployed in the district.

Oyam District Local Government employs 52 field officers within the production department, spanning four sectors: Agriculture, Fisheries, Entomology, and Veterinary. However, records indicate that only seven motorcycles are currently operational. The rest, plagued by mechanical problems, are parked at the district yard and sub-county headquarters.

Last year, the department received four locally procured motorcycles and three motorcycles provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animals Industry, and Fisheries. These motorcycles were duly allocated to respective field officers across the district, but challenges persist.

Mr. Tommy Opio, the District Production Officer of Oyam District Local Government, expresses concern over the insufficient transport means affecting all sectors. He highlights that this shortage is impeding field operations, and the delayed release of funds for the department is compounding their challenges.

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Despite these setbacks, Opio mentions that the department recently acquired one tractor and sixteen hand-held walking tractors from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animals Industry, and Fisheries (MAAIF). These assets are set to be formally handed over to the respective beneficiary farmers’ groups in the near future.

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