Katakwi Elders to Engage in Two Days of Prayer and Fasting for Vice President

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Vice President Rtd Jessica Alupo singing the Iteso anthem during the recent function in Teso (Photo by Steven Ariong)
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A section of elders in Katakwi district, Teso sub-region, will embark on a two-day period of prayer and fasting next week, seeking divine strength and protection for Uganda’s Vice President, Retired Major Jessica Alupo.

Ms. Alupo, also the Woman Member of Parliament representing Katakwi district, has become the subject of silent contention from some political leaders in Teso, seemingly fueled by jealousy over her position as the second-highest authority in the country.

Since her appointment as Vice President, Alupo has actively lobbied for numerous projects in Teso and Katakwi, notably addressing issues such as cattle rustling by Karimojong rustlers through a combination of dialogue and military deployment.

Alupo is presently sponsoring the education of approximately 100 students, including orphans, in various tertiary institutions. Despite her reluctance to publicize her philanthropic activities, they have significantly impacted the lives of many.

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Speaking to this publication on Friday at Ocorimonging trading center, Mr. Paul Ekelot, a born-again Christian, expressed their intention to implore God to remove the curse that seems to be causing infighting among the people of Teso.

“It’s truly disheartening that the children of Teso, instead of rejoicing over the fact that Teso has, for the first time, experienced the Vice Presidential seat, are busily engaging in conflicts against Ms. Alupo,” he said.

Joel Omoding, another Christian, emphasized that during their two-day prayers, they would beseech God to bring discomfort to all those opposing Jessica Alupo.

“It was the time for politics, and that time has passed. Now it’s the time to work for the people. Yet, our Teso representatives are engrossed in internal conflicts,” he stated.

Mathew Ojangole, another Christian, added that their prayers would also extend to Mr. Dan Mulalu, President Museveni’s private secretary in charge of mobilization.

Mr. Mulalu has declared his interest in contesting in Ngariam county, a constituency currently represented by the Minister of State for Sports, Mr. Peter Ogwanga.

Over the last eight months, Mulalu has initiated several community projects, including boreholes, roofing for churches, installation of solar lights in schools in Katakwi, and the purchase of electronic beds for Katakwi District Hospital.

Previously, patients in Katakwi had to endure sleeping on the floor due to a shortage of beds.

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