Locals Threaten to Padlock Moroto Hospital Over Maternal Deaths

Moroto Regional Referral Hospital - FILE PHOTO
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By Joseph Ayolo

Moroto, Uganda:  The current situation at Moroto regional referral hospital in Karamoja region is catching up fire with the local concerned locals across the region are mobilizing others to go and padlock the hospital due to what they call endless dying of mothers while giving birth.

According to the locals the staffs at the hospital are only after their salaries but not minding the lives of people.

Moses Mudong from Nabilatuk district said Moroto regional referral hospital is a mother hospital for Karamoja and they can’t  keep on watching patients dying due to negligence.

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This current mobilization by the concerned locals in Karamoja follows the recent death of a young mother while giving birth at the well funded government facility.

John Kinei another concerned resident said before Moroto hospital was elevated to the regional  referral hospital, the staffs at that time under Dr Anguzu could manage patients very well now we are losing lives instead saving lives.

“That hospital had little resources and few human resource but patients were not dying as of now, something must be check,” he said.

Glades Tikol another concerned resident called upon people of Karamoja to come up and protest against the management of Moroto hospital.

“We want our lovely MPs if you know you us and we are your voters please come for our rescue its urgent,”She said.

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