MK Movement: An Unstoppable Force Dedicated to Finishing Unfinished Business

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In a recent interaction with MK Movement foot soldiers, Chairman Nuwagira Michael Kaguta, also known as Toyota, highlighted the importance of patriotism among the movement’s members. His emphasis on patriotism aims to inspire more Ugandans to join the MK Movement.

Chairman Toyota emphasized that the MK Movement should be a force built on strategy rather than financial resources. He cautioned against prioritizing privileges over principles, stating, “Money without strategy can do more harm than good.

Drawing inspiration from the National Resistance Army (NRA), Chairman Toyota shared how the NRA fighters, armed with only 27 guns, strategically fought against a well-equipped government with ample resources. Due to their effective strategy and planning, the NRA successfully took over in 1986, with Mzee Museveni becoming their leader. Chairman Toyota believes that a clear strategy will secure the necessary funding to sustain the MK Movement’s agenda until 2026.

Encouraging members, Chairman Toyota urged them to maintain their belief in their Supreme leader, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. “You must always fight to defend our leader Gen MK,” he implored the young patriots.

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In conclusion, Chairman Toyota assured all patriots that the MK Movement is an unstoppable force determined to finish the unfinished business of revolutionary leaders. He clarified that the movement is not an anti-government force but a pro-revolutionary force dedicated to promoting the sustainability of the revolutionary agenda initiated by Mzee Museveni.

The MK Movement supporters were pleased to receive the assurance that their Supreme leader, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, will be on the ballot in 2026.

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