Oyam: Drama at Acimi Health Center as Staff Fight Over New House

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There is drama at Acimi Health Center III in Myene sub-county, Oyam district, among the health workers as they are fighting over a new twin house constructed by World Vision for the staff.

According to the report, a new twin house constructed at the facility was meant to accommodate only two health workers, but surprisingly, almost 13 health workers attached to the facility are interested in staying in that house.

Patrick Olobo, the chairperson of LC3 Myene sub-county, has confirmed that this behavior is affecting service delivery at the health center because some are not happy with their current accommodation. However, he says, as sub-county leaders, they are exploring possible ways to bring the staff together.

Dilla Benson Oyuku, the chairperson of LC5 of Oyam district, has directed the Myene sub-county chief and the LC3 chairperson of Myene to address the issues this week immediately.

But Esther Adero, the in-charge of Acimi Health Center III, says that despite the challenges, the facility is providing services as usual.

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There are 13 health workers at Acimi Health Center III, and the facility serves 30,600 patients monthly.

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