Police Summons Musician Alien Skin

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The incident occurred at a car washing facility owned by Bajjo in Kampala. According to Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesman, a group of individuals, allegedly led by Alien Skin, attempted to assault Bajjo.

Bajjo managed to defend himself using pepper spray, but during the ensuing chaos, his car was damaged in a collision. A confrontation between the security guard at the car wash, Mr. Okalebo Vincent, and Alien Skin’s group led to the security guard discharging his firearm, causing further damage to the vehicle.

Owoyesigyire stated that the police have arrested Ibra Kabadia and the security guard as part of the ongoing investigation. However, Alien Skin, the musician, managed to evade capture during the police intervention.

Police are currently investigating the incident and are urging Alien Skin to come forward and cooperate with their inquiries.

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