Bobi Wine: “No Independence to Celebrate Under Museveni’s Rule”

Bobi Wine:
Bobi Wine Denounces Ugandan Independence Celebration as a Sham
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In a scathing critique, Bobi Wine, also known as HE Bobi Wine, took to Twitter/X to denounce Uganda’s upcoming Independence Day celebration. He referred to President Museveni as a dictator and accused him and his associates of planning to gather in Kitgum to “celebrate independence.”

Bobi Wine expressed his dissent by stating that he and his supporters would assemble at their offices in Kamwokya. Instead of celebrating, they would hold a prayer session for their comrades who had been killed by the regime, those who had been abducted and were still missing, and those in illegal detention.

He firmly asserted that there was nothing worth celebrating about Uganda’s independence, as he believed the country was far from being truly independent. In his view, the transition from white colonialists to black colonialists had not improved the situation and may have even made things worse.

While President Museveni and a select few gathered to commemorate the nation’s alleged progress over the past four decades, Bobi Wine declared that they would be joined by the families of repression victims. Together, they would remember their loved ones, including the deceased, the disappeared, and the detained.

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Furthermore, Bobi Wine highlighted the case of missing journalist Sesanga Batte, who had been abducted by regime operatives a few days earlier and remained unaccounted for. This incident further fueled his condemnation of the regime’s actions and its commitment to true independence for Uganda.

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