Erias Lukwago Takes Charge as FDC’s Interim President

Erias Lukwago Takes Charge as FDC's Interim President
Erias Lukwago Takes Charge as FDC's Interim President
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Erias Lukwago, currently serving as the interim president of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has announced that the party has devised a plan to restore order within its ranks. He has also stated their readiness to legally challenge the Toterebuka conference. However, the Nandala faction within the party has expressed doubts about the prospects of finding a resolution through these means.

Erias Lukwago, in his capacity as acting president, leads the top echelons of the Forum for Democratic Change. Assisting him are Herald Kaija, who is now the acting Secretary General, and Francis Mwijukye, who has taken up the role of treasurer general. An interim electoral commission, headed by former Member of Parliament Nakawa Micheal Kabaziguruka, includes Jack Wamai Wamanga as Deputy, alongside Ogongson and Elizabeth Kyewalabye as commissioners.

Lukwago, following his appointment, stated that his team is diligently working on specific goals, and they plan to release their agenda in the near future. According to Lukwago, recalibrating the party, rejuvenating the spirit of party members, and rallying support represent formidable challenges. Nevertheless, these are the pillars upon which they intend to build their efforts to rescue the party. Conversely, the faction aligned with the suspended Secretary General and president maintains their refusal to recognize Lukwago’s leadership.

Former Kasese Municipality MP Robert Centenary, who also serves as a spokesperson for the Amuriat camp, criticized the manner in which Lukwago was appointed, saying, “The method of installation leaves a lot to desire. Take it with contempt.” Centenary and his group have cautioned that Lukwago and others in the leadership deemed illegal may face legal consequences.

Lukwago, however, remains unfazed by these criticisms, especially concerning a court judgment that the opposing faction is celebrating as a victory against him. He emphasized that the process to challenge the alleged illegal meeting on October 6th is ongoing. Lukwago added, “Bamwenda has no powers, and we shall challenge them within the constitution of the party.”

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Political analyst Dr. Patrick Wakida believes that the foremost challenge for the new leadership lies in gaining access to the party headquarters and restoring confidence among its members. Wakida insists that those who claim to retain leadership at the party’s headquarters lack the necessary support to effectively run the party. He suggests that if the state machinery, acting in alignment with the suspended leaders, persists, a new political entity may need to emerge within the FDC, potentially requiring a rebranding effort. According to Wakida, the name “FDC” may no longer hold the same appeal in such a scenario.

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