Oyam Resident Loses Life to Elephant and Crocodile

oyam resident loses life to elephant and crocodile
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A sad event occurred in Oyam district when a fisherman, Denish Ocen Bagi, was attacked by both an elephant and a crocodile on Thursday morning. He was from Akuridia village in Juma parish, Kamdini sub-county.

Denish was fishing near the Karuma Wildlife reserve in Murchison Park around 6 am when a stray elephant approached. Though he initially survived the elephant encounter, a crocodile showed up and tragically killed him. The incident was confirmed by Terrance Omonya, the chairperson of LC3 Kamdini sub-county.

Denish’s body was recovered by fellow fishermen with support from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) team. His friend, who was with him during the attack, managed to escape. The UWA team later took Denish’s body and handed it over to his relatives for burial arrangements.

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