UPDF Mobilizes Kasese District Against Allied Democratic Forces

UPDF Mobilizes Kasese District Against Allied Democratic Forces
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In a recent gathering, Lieutenant General Kayanja Muhanga, the Commander of Land Force, urged leaders and residents of Kasese District to come together to help eliminate the remnants of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). He emphasized that with the support of the Kasese residents, the security forces could successfully remove this threat.

Lt. Gen. Muhanga, along with Major General Dick Olum, the Commander of the Mountain Division and Operation Shujja, spoke during a mobilization meeting held in Bwera Sub-County, Kasese District. Lt. Gen. Muhanga noted that the ADF was currently at its weakest point, and many of their foreign fighters and commanders had been neutralized.

He further encouraged the local residents to remain vigilant and report any unknown or suspicious individuals in their communities to prevent potential acts of terrorism.

Major General Olum stressed the importance of local leaders and residents sharing information promptly with the security forces to detect potential threats before they could cause harm.

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Additionally, Major General James Birungi highlighted the necessity of educating the public and disseminating valuable information on how to identify and report suspicious individuals in their areas.

The meeting was attended by senior officers, Deputy Prime Minister of Rwenzururu Kingdom Edwin Kugonza, senior police officers, RDC Kasese district Lt. John Walusimbi, and various local leaders.

– Lieutenant General Kayanja Muhanga
– Major General Dick Olum
– Major General James Birungi
– Deputy Prime Minister of Rwenzururu Kingdom Edwin Kugonza
– Senior police officers
– RDC Kasese district Lt. John Walusimbi
– Local leaders
– Other attendees

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