VP Alupo to Inspect Soroti Hospital Ahead of President’s Teso Visit

vp alupo to inspect soroti hospital ahead of presidents teso visit
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Preparations are underway for President Yoweri Museveni’s anticipated visit to the Teso region later this month, with Vice President Jessica Alupo scheduled to make an oversight visit to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital.

The President’s upcoming visit aims to assess the progress of government projects and address the challenges faced by the people in the region.

In preparation for the President’s visit, Vice President Alupo has embarked on visits to key government institutions to gather data for presentation during the President’s visit.

A letter from the deputy principal private secretary to the Vice President, Vincent Musubire, addressed to hospital director Dr. Ben Watmon, indicates that a meeting will be held on Thursday, February 8, 2024, involving hospital management and stakeholders.

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Dr. Joseph Epodoi, the hospital consultant currently acting as director in Dr. Watmon’s absence due to illness, confirmed the Vice President’s visit, highlighting its significance in the preparation for the President’s visit.

Key challenges, particularly regarding infrastructure, will be addressed during the visit, according to Dr. Epodoi. The hospital, established in 1994 with a bed capacity of 270, now faces overcrowding issues, with over 410 admissions, leading to patients lying on the floor.

The lack of infrastructure remains a primary concern for the hospital, which serves eleven districts with a population of over one million people.

Upon arrival, Vice President Alupo is expected to tour the facility to gain insight into the challenges faced by patients and medical personnel.

Soroti Regional Referral Hospital has faced controversies, including allegations of health workers charging patients for services and accusations of absenteeism and negligence. In September last year, Soroti West MP Jonathan Ebwalu closed the hospital’s administrative offices, citing alleged abuse of office by the hospital director and concerns over patient charges for services like CT scans.

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