ROHO and ActionAid Support Vulnerable Adolescents in Katakwi

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Pupils of Atoroma primary school take a pose with their diginity kits from ROHO Katakwi
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By Benjamin Epeduno

Ray of Hope Katakwi (ROHO), with support from ActionAid, has provided assistance to vulnerable adolescents in Katakwi district by distributing dignity kits.

The community-based organization began distributing these kits on Tuesday, August 20, 2023, to 40 pupils aged 12-19 in Orimai Primary School, Kapujan sub-county. The initiative, costing a total of eleven million Ugandan Shillings (11M UGX), benefits primary schools such as Atoroma in Toroma sub-county, Orimai in Kapujan sub-county, and Omodoi in Omodoi sub-county.

Gloria Amoding and Aconoi Eugenio, students from Orimai Primary School, expressed their gratitude for finally receiving these kits. They mentioned that this support would help improve their living conditions.

According to Joseph Akwang, the Program Manager for ROHO, their operations extend to the sub-counties of Palam and Ngariam in Ngariam county, as well as Kapujan, Toroma, Magoro, and Omodoi in Toroma county.

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The kits include essential items such as a bucket for bathing, sanitary pads and underwear for girls, a bar of soap, and razors for personal hygiene.

“These children go through a lot during their upbringing, especially during puberty and adolescence. That’s why we decided to assist them,” Akwang stated. He also emphasized that they involve boys in their programs to foster understanding and support for girls experiencing menstrual cycles.

James Osege, the Community Development Officer for Kapujan sub-county, commended Ray of Hope for their support in his sub-county. He mentioned that many parents were struggling to provide for their children.

The report indicates that similar kit distributions took place in the last quarter in the sub-counties of Palam, Ngariam, and Magoro, totaling 5.7 million Ugandan Shillings.

Primary schools that benefited in the last quarter include Amoruongora, Ngariam, and Alengo in Palam sub-county, Akisim and Olupei in Ngariam sub-county, and Oriau, Apero, and Magoro Primary Schools in Magoro sub-county.

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