Journalist Wounded in Campaigns Undergoes Successful Skull Operation

Journalist Wounded in Campaigns Undergoes Successful Skull Operation
Journalist Wounded in Campaigns Undergoes Successful Skull Operation
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A journalist who was injured during the 2020 election campaign in Masaka, when security forces dispersed supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi, has undergone a successful skull surgery in the United States of America.

Mr. Ashraf Kasirye, a former Radio One journalist and an online Ghetto TV cameraman, was reportedly shot in the head during the campaign trail in December 2020. On September 25, he underwent a Cranioplasty surgery to repair his skull.

NUP principal, Mr. Kyagulanyi, confirmed the surgery in a post on his social media account, expressing his wishes for Kasirye’s quick recovery. Kyagulanyi also demanded justice against the person responsible for the shooting, Enock Abaine, who had been promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Police.

On December 27, 2020, the alleged shooting occurred as police attempted to disperse Kyagulanyi’s supporters in Masaka District. Police spokesperson Mr. Fred Enanga later stated that Kasirye was injured by a teargas canister during a confrontation between security forces and NUP supporters.

Before the surgery, Mr. Kasirye posted on his social media account, requesting prayers for his procedure. NUP Secretary General, Mr. Lewis Rubongoya, expressed happiness and called for justice for Kasirye, emphasizing the need for the perpetrators of such crimes to face justice.

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The social media posts by Mr. Kyagulanyi and Mr. Rubongoya received reactions from users, including Mr. Emmanuel Dombo, the NRM spokesperson, who wished Mr. Kasirye a quick recovery.

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