Uganda Police Arrest Suspect in Cathedral Bomb Scare

Bomb scare in Cathedral in Kampala
Suspected Bomber Apprehended at Uganda's Miracle Centre Cathedral
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On September 3, 2023, in Rubaga, Uganda, the police arrested a man named Abdulrahman Kintu (28) suspected of placing a bomb at the entrance of Miracle Centre Cathedral. The authorities successfully detonated the explosive device before apprehending the suspect.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the incident. As soon as the presence of the bomb was detected, the church, led by Pastor Robert Kayanja, took immediate action to evacuate the premises.

Expert officers from the police’s explosive unit safely detonated the bomb located at the entrance of Miracle Centre Cathedral, a church that regularly welcomes hundreds of congregants every Sunday.

This occurrence follows a warning issued by the British High Commission in July, alerting that Uganda was facing a potential threat of terror attacks. The commission advised its nationals to exercise caution by avoiding crowded places such as churches, bars, markets, and taxi parks.

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