St Mary’s College Rushoroza Suspends All Senior Five Boys After Violent Strike

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The administration of St Mary’s College Rushoroza has been forced to suspend all Senior Five boys following a violent strike that erupted on school grounds. The strike was sparked by the suspension of a group of Senior Five students accused of assaulting a junior student.

Headteacher Mubangizi Tarasis stated that the Senior Five boys initiated the strike by vandalizing the administration block and some classrooms. They demanded the reinstatement of their suspended classmates.

Kigezi Regional Police Spokesman Elly Maate revealed that the strike was triggered by an incident where a group of Senior Five boys, including Byamugisha Nicholas, Aine Ronie, Namara Meledizikia, Nshabamukama Samuel, Atukunda Paddy, Kansiime Assan, and Tugineyo Brave, assaulted a Senior One student named Niwahabyoona Special. The victim sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Rushoroza Health Centre, where he remains hospitalized.

The implicated Senior Five students were promptly suspended, but their comrades responded by going on strike. Kabale Police Station Officer in charge Akanyijuka Andrew and OC CID Hakim Mukama intervened to disperse the striking students and restore order.

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As a result of their actions, all Senior Five students have been suspended until further notice. Seven ringleaders of the strike, including Abasa Andrew, Agaba Willy, Ahurira Casbert, Munezero Fredrick, Amanya Nickson, Irakiza Timothy, and Mucunguzi Anthony, have been arrested for further investigation.

The police have registered a case of malicious damage to property at Kabale Central Police Station (reference number CRB 908/2023) to aid in the ongoing investigations.

Additional Reporting: The Black Examiner

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