Uganda Introduces Cashless Bus Payments with KaCyber Go Card

uganda introduces cashless bus payments with kacyber go card
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Passengers riding Kiira Motors’ electric buses in Uganda will no longer need cash as the country launches a new payment system called KaCyber Go Card. This technology aims to digitize and modernize Uganda’s transportation sector, making it easier for both commuters and operators.

Innocent Orikiiriza, the CEO of KaCyber Technologies, stated that this digital payment solution will enhance revenue tracking efficiency for operators, reducing income leakages compared to relying solely on conductors. It also eliminates human error and theft, ensuring increased profitability.

The initial rollout will focus on Kiira Motors’ first 20 electric buses operating in Kampala and Jinja. Eventually, the system is expected to extend to commuter trains, government ferries, inter-city buses, and taxis.

The founder emphasized that the KaCyber Go Card, mounted on the eco-friendly Kayoola EVS electric buses, marks a significant achievement for Uganda, aligning with the government’s modernization initiatives outlined in the Digitalization Transformation RoadMap and Transport Masterplan.

For commuters, the prepaid card enables better planning and expense tracking, eliminating disputes over transport balances. The card payment technology, developed with a grant of sh433m from the Science, Technology, and Innovation Secretariat, simplifies the payment process.

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To use the KaCyber Go Card, passengers need to place their card near the payment machine, automatically deducting the journey amount. The transaction details, including the deducted amount and card balance, are displayed on the screen for transparency.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, who launched the technology, praised the initiative for replacing cash payments in buses with a convenient tap-and-go card system.

The KaCyber Go Card, Uganda’s first contactless transport card, is a collaboration between KaCyber Technologies and Kiira Motors, with support from the Government of Uganda. Tested during the National Science Week on Kiira Motors’ electric buses, the card is expected to bring a positive change to the country’s transport industry, according to enthusiastic responses from passengers like Timothy Rwakahebu, Enid Kawala, and Mary Nalwoge.

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21 days ago

It’s good if only they are serious with it. Eliminate abafere