Zari’s Family Gathers for Funeral of Shakib Lutaaya

Zari's Extravagant Stunt A Mercedes for a 20 Year Old
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  • Funeral of Shakib Lutaaya Draws Zari’s Loved Ones
  • Zari and Family Mourn Shakib Lutaaya’s Passing
  • Zari’s Kin Pay Final Respects to Late Shakib Lutaaya

In a recent development reported by Bukedde, Zari has organized a funeral for her late partner, Shakib Lutaaya. The funeral took place on Saturday, October 4, at the Avianto cemetery in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over 500 mourners attended the event to pay their respects to Shakib.

Among those in attendance were Zari’s close friends and family, including her late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s siblings. Ivan and Zari had three children together, with Reagan Ssenyonjo being the eldest and residing in South Africa.

All five of their children were present at the funeral, and they were accompanied by Shakib’s mother and Zari’s relatives. Many well-wishers, including Ugandans residing in South Africa and government officials, were also in attendance to support Zari during this difficult time. The South African Minister of Home Affairs even commended Zari for her commitment to charity work and improving education in the country.

Ugandan celebrities living in South Africa, such as Dumba Adams and Vivian Mbuga, also attended the funeral along with their friends.

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The ceremony began at midday, with attendees arriving in a procession of luxurious cars, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes G-Class vehicles.

Shakib’s final journey began in South Africa, where he passed away at the age of 12. He was later laid to rest in Turkey.

At 1:00 PM, Shakib’s body was placed next to Zari, and it was clear that he was deeply loved by those present. Mourners expressed their sorrow, acknowledging that this loss had deeply affected them.

The funeral lasted until 8:00 PM, with people sharing meals and drinks in memory of Shakib, creating a sense of unity and comfort during their time of grief.

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