Visa-Free Score of 69: Uganda’s Passport Advances in Global Ranking

New EAC Polycarbonate Passport in Uganda
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Uganda’s Passport Climbs Four Positions in Global Ranking

Uganda’s passport has ascended to the 73rd position in the 2024 global passport index, a notable improvement from its 77th position in 2023, according to the latest rankings by Henley and Partners. The index assesses the passport power of nations based on the number of destinations their passport holders can access without a prior visa.

In the current rankings, Uganda shares the 73rd position with the Philippines and Cape Verde Islands, boasting a visa-free score of 69. The global passport power ranking reflects the ease of international travel for passport holders and is determined by the number of destinations accessible without the need for a visa.

This improvement in the global passport index is indicative of Uganda’s enhanced standing in international travel and diplomacy.

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