Vice President Alupo Assures Teso of Quality Service Delivery

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Vice President Jessica Alupo representing President Museveni in the coronation of Bugisu king in Mbale recently (Photo by steven Ariong )
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Soroti, Uganda – The vice president of Uganda Rtd Major Jessica Alupo has asured the people of Teso of her comittment to give  services to  them and the entire country better.
The Vice President was responding to the call from elders asking her to ignore her political rivals fight iik ng her and concetrate in helping the people of Teso.
It should be noted that the vice President Jessica Alupo is being fought badly by a section fo Teso leaders who didnt expect her to be appointed the vice president.
This fight  has created panic among the general public in Teso fearing of poor service delivery.
But speaking to this publication the vice President said she does not waste her efforts to fight back those fighting her but her efforts is to lobby development for Teso and the country at large.
“I want to asure you the people of Teso that I will try my based to lobby for development for Teso and the country at large front warry,”She said.
Although few NRM leaders in Teso don’t support her but Ms Alupo is being loved  by the population of Teso given the fact that she’s the only woman who has put Teso in the Map as the first Itesot woman to be appointed as the vice president under President Museveni’s government.
Ms Alupo who doubles as woman member of parliament for Katakwi district added that her focus is Teso to have quality service delivery such as health, education, clean water and road infrastructure.
“I don’t have time for those fighting me my time is to fulfill the mandate given to me by my appointing authority who’s the President and the people of Teso and Katakwi particularly nothing else,”he said.
She also encouraged the elders to fight hard against  teenage  marriage and promote education so as the region develops.
“I want to ask all the people of Teso that education is the only weapon  to development please let’s endure to educate our children,”She said.end

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