Kenya Power Technical Glitches Affect Token Purchases

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PHOTO - Tuko - Kenya Power Allows Private Firms to Distribute Electricity in Nairobi Slums
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Kenya Power has explained that there is a problem with its prepaid system causing delays in generating electricity tokens. In a statement released on Thursday, the utility company expressed regret for the inconvenience faced by customers and assured them that they are working to restore normal operations as soon as possible.

However, Kenya Power did not provide details regarding the specific issue with the system or a timeline for when the tokens will become available for purchase.

Over the past few hours, some Kenyan consumers encountered technical difficulties when trying to buy tokens. For instance, one customer received a message stating, “Transaction failed, the organization’s system receiving the payment experienced some technical challenges,” when attempting to purchase tokens through mobile money. Some customers also criticized Kenya Power for not addressing the problem promptly when it was initially raised by consumers.

In response to these issues, some Kenyans have called on the power company to automate its services to prevent such inconveniences in the future.

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To purchase tokens, customers typically use the following pay bill numbers: 888880 for prepaid and 888888 for postpaid. Those making bank transactions can use the USSD code *977#. Kenya Power has emphasized that no third-party agent is authorized to offer these services on their behalf, and they will not take responsibility for transactions conducted through any other platform.

Additionally, the company advises customers to use the pay bill number 888899 when applying for new connections.

The prices of tokens have been steadily increasing, prompting calls from Kenyans for the government to intervene and ensure affordable electricity prices.

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