Agago MP Issues Ultimatum to UWA over Stray Elephants and Buffalos

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Photo of Agago County MP, Honourable Lagen David Atuka,
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Agago County MP, Honourable Lagen David Atuka, has issued a stern warning to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) regarding stray elephants and buffalos roaming in the border sub-county of Adilang, in Agago district.

During an exclusive interview with the media on Sunday from Agago County, MP Lagen David Atuka urged the authorities of Kidepo Valley National Game Park to take prompt action to address the increasing destruction caused by stray elephants in the area.

He confirmed that on October 31, 2023, during a meeting with the local community and fellow Members of Parliament held at Pida Village, Lacekoto Parish, Adilang Sub-County, Agago district, community members, including the area LC1 Odong Ramadhan, expressed sadness and frustration about the havoc caused by stray animals from Kidepo National Game Park.

Honourable Lagen David Atuka threatened to mobilize the local community in Lacekoto for a free hunting spree to drive the elephants and buffalos out of the area, using spears, bows, and arrows, since UWA was not responding promptly to return these animals to the park.

Atuka expressed concern that there could be a famine outbreak in the area and a low harvest in Adilang Sub-County, as elephants have destroyed most of the food crops in the gardens planted by farmers in the second season.

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Recently, Adilang Sub-County LC3 Chairman Okwir Mohamed stated that they could not do much because they had informed UWA staff based in Kidepo, but no action had been taken to drive away the stray elephants and buffalos.

Okwir mentioned that Karimjong cattle rustlers had also stolen many animals from Adilang, and elephants and buffalos were further contributing to the problem by eating and destroying groundnuts, simsim, millet, and maize from the gardens of the people in the area.

The LCV Chairman of Abim District, Rtd. Captain Yuventine Omara Adyeda, recounted that stray elephants had also destroyed crops in his district, especially in the areas of Kathimongor, Alerek, and Kamurono. He stated that they were consistently contacting UWA’s top command to drive back the stray elephants.

However, locals suspect that at least between 8-10 elephants and buffalos are causing havoc in their area of Adilang Sub-County.

Attempts by our reporter to confirm from the Uganda Wildlife Authority spokesperson were unsuccessful as his known phone number was unavailable by press time.

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