Bukwo Youth Demand Accountability from Government over Uncompleted Projects

Sebei region Bukwo HQ
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Bukwo, Uganda – A group of concerned youth in Bukwo district, Sebei region, is demanding a special meeting with President Museveni over what they perceive as the laxity of government officials in completing projects.

Speaking to this publication on Saturday in Bukwo, the youth accused a section of Bukwo district leaders of being lenient towards poorly performing government institutions.

They highlighted several projects that have been delayed without completion, citing the Ministry of Water and Environment’s failure to restock fingerlings in two fish ponds, even after promising to do so two months ago. Additionally, they pointed out uncompleted health center structures in the district under the Ministry of Health.

Simon Chesol, one of the youth, claimed that Bukwo district has become a place where officials from the Ministry of Water and Environment, local government staff, and contractors pocket money without completing the assigned work.

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Agrey Chemutai from Amanang sub-county mentioned that while other districts are progressing, Bukwo has remained stagnant due to corruption.

“Whenever they hear that Bukwo youth are planning to protest, you’ll find a few district officials rushing to the offices of these line ministries to collect allowances instead of pressuring the officials to work hard and complete the projects,” he said.

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