Lt Gen James Mugira Emphasizes UPDF’s Contribution to Uganda’s Progress

Lt Gen James Mugira Emphasizes UPDF's Contribution to Uganda's Progress
Lt Gen Mugira stressed the importance of local defence industry capabilities, highlighting their role in providing self-reliance and sustainability for supplying the armed forces, particularly during combat situations.
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The managing director of the National Enterprise Corporation, Lt Gen James Mugira, recently spoke about the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces’ efforts to support Uganda’s socio-economic development. He explained that the UPDF is actively involved in productive activities and is committed to advancing the country’s defense industries with a significant focus on Science, Technology, and Innovation as a key component of research and development.

Lt Gen Mugira delivered a keynote address during the Uganda Design Summit 2023 at Kyambogo University School of Art and Industrial Design, where the theme was “Weaving an Afrikan Design Mat.”

In his presentation titled “Demystifying the old perception that soldiers are for war: Innovations and creatives of Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces for Sustainable Development,” Lt Gen Mugira highlighted how the UPDF has engaged with creative and innovative industries to contribute to national growth and development. He stressed the importance of local defense industry capabilities, which provide self-reliance and sustainability in supplying the armed forces, especially during combat situations.

Lt Gen Mugira also discussed the multifaceted contributions of the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) to national growth and development through its subsidiary companies and joint ventures.

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Hon. Dr. Monica Musenero, the Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation, who served as the Chief Guest at the event, emphasized the need to translate designs into practical outcomes by transitioning from science, technology, and innovation to commercialization.

Before her remarks, the Chief Guest visited the exhibition stalls and expressed her appreciation for the innovative products showcased by NEC. She underscored the significance of design in terms of beauty, image, and construction.

The Uganda Design Summit 2023, which has drawn approximately 200 participants from both local and international backgrounds, began on October 3 and will continue until October 6, 2023. The summit aims to facilitate a wide-ranging exchange of ideas among academia, design researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders from various perspectives, disciplines, and fields, both within Africa and beyond.

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