SFC’s Roadwork Intrusion: KCCA Leaders Demand Answers

SFC Road Works
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The Special Forces Command (SFC) construction regiment, under heavy military protection, has initiated road maintenance operations within Kampala Central Division, focusing primarily on the presidential route, a project that falls under the jurisdiction of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). This move has raised concerns among KCCA leaders.

The sight of heavily armed soldiers overseeing roadworks near Kololo Independence Grounds has drawn attention and skepticism from KCCA’s Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago. He voiced his uncertainty regarding the source of funding for these projects, considering that they fall under the purview of the Authority.

Lord Mayor Lukwago pointed out that while the presidential route receives attention, the central business district remains plagued by potholes and road deterioration. President Museveni, who often travels to Kololo Independence Grounds, had previously ordered the SFC to undertake city road maintenance.

In June, the President entrusted the SFC with the task of revamping city roads after a proposal by his senior advisor, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to undertake cost-effective road construction. Gen Muhoozi had personally inspected deteriorating city roads in May and pledged to employ SFC units for their improvement.

Lord Mayor Lukwago argued that the city requires a comprehensive Marshall Plan to address its broader road infrastructure issues, rather than specific projects tailored to the preferences of particular individuals. He emphasized the need for transparency in funding allocation, as it remains unclear whether the funds for the SFC’s roadwork efforts are derived from KCCA or SFC resources.

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Deputy Lord Mayor, Doreen Nyanjura, disclosed that the issue will be discussed in an upcoming meeting with executive authorities.

Efforts to seek clarification from the SFC spokesman, Maj Jimmy Omara, were unsuccessful, as repeated calls to his mobile phone went unanswered. The KCCA spokesman, Simon Kasyate, was unable to provide comments and referred inquiries to the deputy executive director, David Luyimbazi, who also did not respond to calls.

Marshall Plan Reference: A Marshall Plan, originally an economic recovery program led by US General George Marshall to aid Western European countries post-World War II, has come to symbolize a significant initiative to alleviate economic challenges in a particular region.

KCCA, with a road network spanning 2,100 kilometers, faces this roadwork controversy with numerous questions and concerns.

Key Points
Topic SFC construction regiment conducts roadworks in Kampala
Concerns KCCA leaders question the funding source and focus of SFC’s roadworks
President’s Directive President Museveni’s order for SFC to undertake road maintenance
KCCA’s Perspective Lord Mayor Lukwago calls for a comprehensive Marshall Plan for city roads
Further Discussion Upcoming meeting with executive authorities to address the issue
Unanswered Inquiries Efforts to contact SFC and KCCA spokespeople prove unsuccessful
Marshall Plan Reference Definition and historical context of the Marshall Plan
Extensive Road Network KCCA manages a road network covering 2,100 kilometers
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