Case Against Besigye’s Tormentor Arinaitwe Forwarded to High Court

case against besigyes tormentor arinaitwe forwarded to high court
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The Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court has forwarded the case file of senior police officer Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana, accused of aggravated trafficking, to the High Court. Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi revealed this during a hearing of the prosecution against Arinaitwe on Wednesday.

Kayizzi announced that the court file had been recalled for further management at the High Court and adjourned the case to March 7 for mention.

Previously, Kayizzi had given the state a three-week ultimatum to either prosecute or dismiss the case if evidence against Arinaitwe was not presented.

Arinaitwe gained notoriety in 2011 when he smashed opposition figure Dr. Kizza Besigye’s car and sprayed pepper in his eyes during “Walk to Work” protests in Kampala.

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Arinaitwe faces a charge of aggravated trafficking in persons, contrary to Ugandan law. He has pleaded not guilty to the offence, which carries a maximum penalty of death.

According to prosecution, Arinaitwe and others allegedly recruited, maintained, or confined a victim by means of threat, coercion, or deception for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labor, or involuntary servitude. Last year, police spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that Arinaitwe brought a 23-year-old female victim from Ntungamo District to work as a maid but allegedly coerced her into repeated acts of sex.

The victim, under the care of a non-governmental organization for protection, claimed she was raped multiple times by Arinaitwe and confined with little food. She managed to report her situation to a friend, who informed local authorities.

Enanga emphasized the seriousness of the case, noting that Arinaitwe’s status as a police officer exacerbates the offense. Further charges may be pending pending DNA results.

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