Mbarara City Council Contemplates External Lawyers for Case Pileup

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The Senior Legal Officer of Mbarara City, Alauterio Ntegyereize, has formally proposed engaging external lawyers to address the mounting case backlog within the city. The City Executive Committee received a report revealing that Mbarara City Council is currently contending with more than 40 cases, some dating back to 2012.

According to Ntegyereize, the Attorney General’s chamber, responsible for handling legal matters, is strained due to the extensive workload, which includes cases from other local governments. He argues that the engagement of external lawyers could offer a viable solution to the issue, given the current challenging circumstances.

Ntegyereize disclosed that a substantial portion of the workload falls on his shoulders, with most tasks sent to the Attorney General’s chambers for approval. He also highlighted that his office lacks the authorization to appear and argue cases, as it has not yet been recognized as a legal chamber.

In his comprehensive report, Ntegyereize recommended that the committee explore the possibility of settling some cases outside of court. This approach, he believes, could significantly reduce the legal costs for the city council when compared to pursuing full trials.

Asse Abireebe Tuwmesigire, the Town Clerk of Mbarara City, recalled the council’s past utilization of external legal services until the authorization to employ a legal officer was granted. He expressed readiness to await the council’s decision regarding the potential hiring of external legal services.

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Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, the Mayor of Mbarara City Council, acknowledged the severity of the case backlog and affirmed the intention to present Ntegyereize’s recommendations for approval at the next council sitting. Despite the current financial challenges faced by the city, Kakyebezi emphasized the determination to pursue the council’s resolution to hire external lawyers.

Noteworthy among the cases contributing to the backlog is the lawsuit involving Luganda Majidu and six other Boda boda riders. They have taken legal action against the City Town Clerk, Asse Abirebe Tumwesigire, and Mbarara City Council for the suspension of their election for the new City Boda Boda Executive.

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