Corrupt Nebbi Magistrate Kercan Prosper Remanded for Swindling Community

Corrupt Nebbi Magistrate Kercan Prosper Remanded for Swindling Community
PHOTO - Nebbi Police Station
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In a shocking turn of events, Nebbi district’s Grade II Magistrate, Peter Kercan Prosper, found himself behind bars for allegedly stealing money intended to compensate the local community. This disgraceful incident unfolded after Nebbi District Police Commander, Hamis Kayondo, issued orders for his arrest.

Kercan’s predicament began when he failed to show up before the Nebbi district security team that had summoned him to address allegations brought against him by community members from four villages in Nyaravuru Angal Town Council. These locals, represented by the Chairman LCIII of Nyaravuru Angal Town Council, accused Kercan of receiving a substantial sum of 402 million Ugandan shillings from the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs. Shockingly, he never delivered this money to its rightful recipients.

The funds were designated to compensate 67 individuals for the damages they suffered when the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) took possession of their land back in 2003. Following a lawsuit against the government in 2004, accusing them of trespassing and damaging their properties, Kercan was entrusted with the power of attorney to accept the payment on behalf of the claimants.

However, instead of ensuring that the funds reached the intended recipients, Kercan reportedly cherry-picked around 20 claimants and paid them amounts ranging from 1 million shillings to a shocking 6 million shillings each. This appalling misconduct was only reported in April of last year, when the claimants could no longer locate Kercan.

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In an attempt to resolve the matter without resorting to legal action, RDC Robert Abak reached out to Magistrate Kercan. However, Kercan stubbornly declined the invitations and even blocked RDC Abak’s telephone number. Faced with this obstinacy, the RDC instructed the police to file a criminal case and conduct an investigation into Kercan’s actions.

Kercan’s arrest finally took place when he was apprehended outside the Nebbi Magistrate Court gate. Detective police officers escorted him to Nebbi Central Police station, where he spent two nights in a cell before being brought to court. During his two days in custody, Kercan attempted to negotiate with the affected community members, pleading for their forgiveness so that he could secure a Police Bond. He claimed he would sell his property in Pakwach town to repay their money. However, the aggrieved individuals rejected his plea.

Kercan has been remanded until October 13, 2023, when he will face a bail hearing, which the court initially denied him. Alex Onegiu Judagi, the Chairperson LC3 of Nyaravur Angal Town Council, praised the Resident District Commissioner, Robert Abak, for tirelessly pursuing Kercan’s arrest. He implored the government, particularly the judiciary, to consider the overwhelming evidence against Kercan to ensure justice is served and the community receives the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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