Kampala Police Seek Fugitive in Connection with Stepson’s Death

Kampala Police Seek Fugitive in Connection with Stepson's Death
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A manhunt is in progress as the police search for a man who is accused of killing his 5-year-old stepson following a dispute with the child’s mother. The incident occurred in Kapeeka village, Buloba parish, Wakiso district.

The suspect, identified as Isaac, a 29-year-old builder, reportedly strangled the young boy, Jovan Kabuye. He had taken the child from Joseph Kibirige, the father of the victim, and then disappeared with him. When the mother returned home at around 6 pm on the same day, she was informed that the suspect had taken her son.

It is worth noting that the mother was in a relationship with Isaac, but the children resided with their father. Despite efforts by the mother and the local community to locate the missing child, he remained unaccounted for.

On Independence Day at approximately 5 am, the suspect called the mother to inform her that he had killed the 5-year-old victim and concealed the body in an unfinished building. Following this chilling revelation, the mother and members of the community went to the designated location, where they discovered the lifeless body of the young boy.

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The police have attributed this tragic incident to a misunderstanding between the mother and her boyfriend. The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has strongly condemned the murder and confirmed that the search for the suspect is underway.

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