Government to Crack Down on Non-Compliant Fuel Stations

government to crack down on non compliant fuel stations in uganda
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The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, in collaboration with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), is set to conduct operations against fuel station operators violating established standards. The focus will be on those situated in road reserves and in close proximity to each other, breaching regulations. The move aims to address congestion and ensure adherence to safety and spatial guidelines.

The Fuel Marking and Quality Monitoring Program (FMQMP) conducted sensitization exercises in western Uganda districts, including Ibanda, Ishaka, Mbarara, Ntungamo, and Rukungiri. FMQMP Field Supervisor Peter Kitimbo highlighted challenges such as stations operating in road reserves, violating space standards, and lacking proper infrastructure.

Kitimbo emphasized plans to harmonize the locations of congested fuel stations, requiring them to collaborate if located near each other. Non-compliance issues include insufficient canopy space, violation of space standards, and construction in road reserves. The authorities aim to ensure compliance with set standards for fuel stations and their infrastructure.

As of December 2023, 99.5 percent of the 4,786 registered retail fuel stations complied with national standards. The fuel marking program, introduced to mark fuel at border points, has significantly reduced fuel adulteration in Uganda, contributing to the program’s success.

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Fuel station owners are urged to proactively comply with standards rather than waiting for regulatory enforcement. Daniel Nangalama, the acting UNBS Executive Director, emphasized the importance of ethical business practices and urged local leaders to collaborate with government agencies for effective information flow.

The Fuel Marking and Quality Monitoring Program employs advanced technology, including mobile laboratories, for widespread testing of fuel quality, contributing to improved compliance rates. Fuel dealers are encouraged to acquire and adhere to industry standards through self-regulation.

Members of the public are urged to report substandard services using the Toll-Free line 0800133133 or the WhatsApp line 0713227580.

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