Illegal Herbal Medicine Hawking Ring Busted Inside Soroti Hospital

Herbal medicine vendors arrested in Soroti hospital
PHOTO - URN - Herbal medicine vendors arrested in Soroti hospital
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Soroti, Uganda – In a tale as old as time, two modern charlatans have been nabbed in the very heart of medical sensibility at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital. Frank Agaba, a sprightly 23-year-old hailing from Kiruhura district, and his partner in pseudoscience, Anastus Twesimire, a self-proclaimed sage at the ripe age of 27 from Kakumiro district, have been caught red-handed in their tawdry act.

Their nefarious plan? Convincing ailing patients, already under the watchful eye of trained healthcare professionals, that their herbal concoctions and placebo-packed food supplements were the cure-all they’ve been waiting for.

Witnesses report that Agaba and Twesimire, the dynamic duo of dubious tonics, had set up shop within the hospital’s hallowed halls for a mind-boggling two days. This audacity didn’t just ruffle a few feathers; it threw an entire aviary into disarray. Treatment plans? Who needs those when you can have a sip of Agaba’s Miracle Elixir for the trifling cost of your dignity and common sense?

Benzy Omoya, the Principal Administrator of Soroti Regional Referral Hospital, had to stifle his laughter while recounting the debacle. He explained that these purveyors of pseudo-medicine were, shockingly, raising eyebrows about the safety and effectiveness of the hospital’s modern treatments. Because, you know, swallowing a mystery concoction from a man in a ragtag stall surely trumps the decades of medical research and clinical trials conducted by actual scientists.

It appears that Agaba and Twesimire were blissfully unaware of the harm they could cause. Or perhaps they just missed the memo that informed them how the unchecked use of unverified herbal remedies can potentially turn a simple ailment into a full-blown medical catastrophe. Bravo, gentlemen, for attempting to jeopardize the well-being of those already seeking legitimate medical care.

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If this story had any semblance of novelty, it would be the mere fact that these scheming hucksters managed to infiltrate the hospital not once, not twice, but now thrice since May 2022. One can’t help but marvel at their audacity. Perhaps they believe hospitals are actually marketplaces, and patients are merely captive consumers at their mercy. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the finest selection of pseudoscientific balderdash money can buy!

The swindling pair has been whisked away by the police, their dreams of swindling the vulnerable dashed, at least for the time being. And as for Oscar Ageca, the elusive East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman, it seems he’s too busy either debunking nonsensical claims or, more likely, indulging in a hearty chuckle at the expense of these modern-day snake-oil minstrels.

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Ronald Kyeyune
Ronald Kyeyune
3 months ago

English too complicated… It’s boring.. the information is important but you make it unnecessarily complicated