Arrests Continue in Dr. Jino Abiriga Murder Case

Masindi Police Station
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Dr. Jino Abiriga, the late acting Masindi district health officer, was laid to rest in his ancestral home in Maracha district on January 12, 2024. Mourners at the burial collectively called for justice and the speedy trial of his murderers. Another suspect connected to the killing was arrested in Bukwo district, following the earlier detention of members of Abiriga’s family.

Abiriga’s body was discovered near his residence in Kijura cell, central division in Masindi municipality, showing signs of violence. The police have arrested several individuals, including Abiriga’s wife, in connection with the murder. The mourners emphasized the importance of justice during the burial proceedings.

The late doctor’s family, friends, and well-wishers joined in giving him a befitting sendoff, with calls for justice echoing throughout the somber tributes. Government and security officials assured the public that suspects were in custody and justice would prevail.

In Maracha, district councillors held a special sitting to honor Dr. Abiriga. Recommendations were made for community projects, including building a bridge and completing a water project initiated by Abiriga. The councillors also proposed the establishment of a clinic on a plot of land purchased by Abiriga to enhance health services accessibility for villagers.

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Dr. Jino Abiriga, known for his contributions to education, farming, and community services, rose from a humble background in Maracha to become the acting Masindi district health officer. His legacy includes supporting religious institutions, opening roads, and contributing to the construction of churches and mosques. The community mourned the loss of a valuable figure, emphasizing the need for thorough investigations into his murder.

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