Fire Devastates Lwengo Garage, Damaging 10 Vehicles and Motorcycles

Investigation Underway After Fire Engulfs Lwengo Garage, Causing Extensive Damage
Investigation Underway After Fire Engulfs Lwengo Garage, Causing Extensive Damage
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On September 28, 2023, a fire broke out at Conner City Garage in Kataali Village, Kinoni Town Council, Lwengo District, destroying several vehicles and motorcycles. The incident occurred at 3 am, and it led to the loss of property worth millions of shillings.

Over 10 vehicles parked in the garage, including five motorcycles and a motor spare parts shop, were among the items damaged in the fire. Mr. God Kalangwa, an employee at the garage, noticed the fire and promptly alerted his neighbors, but their efforts to control the blaze were in vain.

Mr. Nicholas Ssebwana, another worker at the garage, received a distress call about the fire while attending a funeral. He expressed concern about the loss of customers’ equipment stored in the garage and called on the police to thoroughly investigate the incident.

The chairperson of Kataali Village, Mr. Sande Kalanzi, urged the police to expedite their investigations to determine the exact cause of the fire. Some speculate that an electrical short circuit may have triggered the blaze, while others suspect arson. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but significant property damage occurred.

Mr. Mbaaga Kibuuka, the chairperson of Kinoni Town Council, advised business owners to consider insuring their businesses, particularly when they possess valuable assets like vehicles, to mitigate potential losses.

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