Investigation Launched into Death of P7 Student in Kampala School Dormitory

Kampala Police Probing Death of P7 Pupil in School Dormitory
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Kampala Police are conducting an investigation into the death of a P7 student at Edinance Daycare, Nursery, and Primary School. Valeria Leisha Namata, 12 years old, was discovered deceased in her school dormitory around 5:00 am on a Friday by an unidentified school matron.

The matron had gone to wake Valeria and other students for their morning study session.

Valeria’s father, John Musisi, who resides near the school in Nsooba, Kawempe, Kampala, expressed shock upon receiving a call from the school’s headteacher informing him of his daughter’s mysterious death. He mentioned that Valeria had no known health issues.

According to Musisi, Valeria was taken to Mulago Hospital, where medical professionals pronounced her lifeless upon arrival. This has raised suspicions among the family that the school may have moved her body to the hospital to conceal the circumstances of her passing.

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Valeria had been a day scholar at the school since P1, but her father decided to enroll her in the boarding section last term to help her prepare for the upcoming Primary Leaving Examinations scheduled for November this year.

Valeria’s mother, Lillian Nantongo, also emphasized that her daughter had been in good health since birth and found it hard to believe that she had fallen ill. The news of her passing came as a shock to the family.

Preliminary autopsy results showed that all of Valeria’s organs were intact, with a small amount of blood found outside her heart and brain, possibly indicating a blood clot. Detectives from Kanyanya and Kawempe are collaborating with medics to conduct further analysis using additional samples from the body.

The police investigation is primarily focused on determining whether negligence played a role in the student’s death or if it was due to natural causes. They are also looking into why the school transported the student’s body to Mulago Hospital without notifying the authorities, potentially to conceal information.

Despite attempts to contact the school management for comment, they have refrained from making any statements on the matter. Both the school headteacher, Faith Apio, and the matron were summoned to Kawempe Division Police to provide statements as part of the ongoing investigation.

Valeria was laid to rest at her ancestral grounds in Kidda, Masaka on Saturday, September 23, amidst deep grief and sorrow from family and friends.

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