Karamoja Teacher Shot Dead by Unidentified Assailants in Karenga District

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In a tragic incident on Monday, a tutor named Balaam Opio was shot and killed in Nakidiir Village, Nabaata Parish, Karenga District, as he was riding a bicycle to his ancestral home in Kitgum. The unidentified assailants responsible for the attack remain unknown.

Karenga District chairperson Felix Mark Lochaale described the incident as deeply distressing. He emphasized that this incident adds to the ongoing issue of gun violence in Karamoja, despite previous disarmament efforts.

Mr. Lochaale stated that security agencies are actively addressing the situation. About a month ago, they apprehended a suspected gun dealer in Juba through interstate security cooperation, subsequently turning him over to the army. To further address the problem of illegal weapons entering Karamoja, Mr. Lochaale stressed the need to secure porous borders in the region.

Maj Moses Amuya, the acting spokesperson of the UPDF 3rd Division based in Moroto, confirmed that the army and police are conducting an investigation into the shooting of the tutor.

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Since January, authorities have arrested 143 suspected warriors in the region, indicating the persistent challenges related to security.

In a related development, President Museveni addressed Karamoja leaders in Nakaseke District, reiterating the government’s commitment to improving the well-being of the people in the sub-region. He emphasized the need to address issues such as food security, water supply, and overall prosperity in Karamoja.

The President mentioned plans to provide tractors to boost food production and construct dams to address water scarcity. He urged the people of Karamoja to work together for the betterment of the region and to eliminate vulnerabilities and poverty.

During the event, Mr. Lochaale, on behalf of the trainees, expressed gratitude to President Museveni for supporting ideological training, which they believe has enhanced their understanding and will contribute to the transformation and development of the sub-region.

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