Kisenyi Gang Leader Killed in Police Operation

kisenyi gang leader killed in police operation
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Dog Kanyanya, the leader of a significant criminal gang in Kisenyi, Kampala, has died due to gunshot wounds sustained during a police encounter. Last Friday morning, reports came in of pedestrians being attacked by a gang armed with knives and iron bars.

Responding to the incident, police fired warning shots upon arriving at the scene near Owino Market, attempting to disperse the gang. However, Kanyanya attempted to stab an officer, leading to him being shot in the legs.

Despite the police intervention, the gang managed to rob over 20 individuals of their belongings before fleeing. Luke Owoyesigyire, Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, confirmed Kanyanya’s death, stating that the gang was armed and dangerous.

Victims of Kanyanya’s gang, like Joe Mukasa, expressed the constant threat posed by such criminal groups in the area. The gangs operate unpredictably, making it challenging for residents to avoid encounters. Owoyesigyire emphasized the ongoing efforts to apprehend other gang members who escaped the scene.

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