Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing of Woman in Nabweru

Luke Owoyesigire - Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing of Woman in Nabweru
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A young woman, Rashidah Nakaddu, lost her life in a tragic incident in Nabweru, Wakiso District. The local police are currently looking into the matter to understand what happened.

Rashidah Nakaddu, 22 years old, was a former student at Buganda Royal Institute and Technical Institute-Mengo, situated in a Kampala suburb. On the fateful day, it is suspected that she was fatally stabbed by someone believed to be her boyfriend.

According to Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, Nakaddu was last seen alive by her neighbors on Saturday, around 7 pm, as she was purchasing groceries along Kibwa Road.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the tragic incident occurred on Saturday night while Nakaddu and her male visitor were together. It has been observed that the deceased often received visits from this man on weekends, with him usually leaving on Sundays. In this particular case, it appears he visited her on Saturday and departed on Sunday.

Disturbingly, the suspect, who is currently evading the authorities, also attempted to set the room on fire. The police are actively working to apprehend the suspect and uncover the full details surrounding this unfortunate incident.

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