Police Shootout Leads to Leg Amputation for Suspected Car Thief

14 Year Old Boy Found Dead in Lira City West Division, Police Investigating
Lira Central Police Station | Photo By Elias Makuka
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Medics at Lira Regional Referral Hospital have amputated the right leg of Paul Omara, a man suspected to be part of a car thieves’ network in northern Uganda. The decision followed an incident where police shot at the vehicle Omara was driving last week.

The police records indicate that Omara, identified as a Kenyan national, ignored orders to stop during a police chase in Lira. Last Thursday, police fired several bullets at the suspected stolen vehicle from Kenya after the driver refused to pull over for questioning.

According to Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Regional Police Spokesperson of North Kyoga, the police aimed at the vehicle’s tires, but three occupants, including Omara, and one police officer were injured in the ensuing shootout. The other suspects were identified as George Otyato from Awendo in Migori County, Kenya, and Husein Akako from Tororo-Malaba.

Police investigators revealed that their counterparts at Karuri police station in Nairobi had reported the theft of a black Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number KDH 790K. The stolen vehicle was believed to have been driven to Uganda by the alleged robbers.

Police stations along the Tororo-Lira route were alerted, and Lira City CPS deployed officers to arrest the suspects. However, the suspects ignored instructions to pull over, leading to police opening fire on them.

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The police officer injured in the shootout, identified as Tonny Ebong, suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach. The suspects attempted to evade capture by changing the stolen vehicle’s number plate while in Uganda, adding a layer of complexity for the pursuing police team.

Okema reported that Omara had his right leg amputated as a result of injuries sustained during the incident, while the other two suspects are recovering at Lira Regional Referral Hospital. The suspected stolen vehicle is currently held at Lira City CPS.

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