Ritual Murder: Two Detained in Mityana by Local Authorities

ritual murder two detained in mityana by local authorities
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Police in Mityana have reported the arrest of two individuals in connection with a ritual sacrifice that claimed the life of 19-year-old Jesca Nakamatte. Joseph Muwonge, alias Kisenyi, and Simon Lwanga were apprehended by police task teams on November 11, 2023.

According to Racheal Kawala, the Wamala Region Police spokesperson, the ritual murder occurred in Kitavujja LC1, Sekanyonyi Town Council in Mityana district. Muwonge was arrested in a shrine belonging to Lwanga after a tipoff by local residents. The shrine is located in Kawaala village, Kagele parish in Sekanyonyi town council.

Kawala revealed that on November 7, 2023, police received information about the discovery of Nakamatte’s deceased body in an advanced state of decomposition within rental properties owned by Rose Nnaku in Kitavujja LC1, Ssekanyonyi Town Council. The condition of the body indicated that the murder occurred approximately two weeks prior, and the body had been left within the house.

Preliminary findings suggested a potential connection between the victim’s tragic murder and domestic violence, with suspicion falling on her husband, Muwonge. The situation was further complicated by the discovery that certain body parts, including the nose and tongue, were missing.

The suspects, Muwonge and Lwanga, are currently held at Mityana Central Police Station. The police spokesperson stated that the investigative file would be submitted to the Office Directorate of Public Prosecutions for further guidance and possible sanctioning.

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